“Few people understand the impact of new technology like Nicklas Bergman. In his “Navigating the Techstorm” Nicklas inspires us t understand the potential impact of technology on business and society - and to take responsibility for making sure that technology improves the state of the world”

— Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of Siemens and A.P. Moller Maersk and member of the board of Trustees of World Economic Forum

I also wrote these books


250 Insights - To Develop Your Professional and Personal Life (2018)

This book shares 250 valuable insights and key learnings from leading LID authors and contributors from around the world. Among the many topics covered are entrepreneurship, management, innovation and leadership.


Surviving the Techstorm - Strategy in Times of Technological Uncertainty (2016)

This groundbreaking and highly visual book presents a framework for understanding these times of enormous technological uncertainties. The author, an entrepreneur turned technology investor turned futurist, argues that by combining curiosity and understanding, we can gain insight into and take advantage of the opportunities that will come from emerging technologies.


Nordic Ways - The Nordic Model in a Global Perspective (2016)

The Nordic countries have been consistently successful and are leaders on a range of global issues. This book explores some of the underlying factors and looks closely at what makes the Nordics successful, but also at the challenges that remain. The notion of Nordic coolness, efficiency and resilience has swept through the U.S. in the arts and design world and in political debates; it has become a staple in discussions about societal, environmental and gender issues. International statistics show Nordic countries occupying top spots when it comes to quality of life, beautiful and livable cities, close to zero corruption.

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