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I’m a strong believer that technology is one of the main drivers of change in business and society today. Often people bring up digitization, but when it comes to the question of ”disruption” (an extremely worn-out expression btw), digital is only the warm-up! True transformation will come from a combination of digital innovations, advances in nanotechnology and new materials, a deeper understanding of the human brain and the ability to understand every aspect of our genome and tailor our DNA.

The framework for understanding these effects are similar independently of what technologies are being discussed. One needs to analyze technologies, assess the business or societal effects, and then adapt to a new reality.

As a speaker, I always enter the stage with the goal to inspire, entertain, and educate with the promise to give you a new perspective on technology as well as examples of tools you will need for surviving the techstorm.


I take pride in always customizing my keynotes for the audience I’m addressing. To make this easier, just consider the following perspectives:

  • Are you looking for a technology perspective on society or on business?

  • Are you looking for insights on near-term technology development ( i.e. mostly through digitization) or are you curious about the medium to long-term prospects of technology in general?

  • Do you want your audience to leave with a set of tools to handle the techstorm, or with a more awe-inspiring perspective on technology? Maybe a combination of both?

  • Do you feel that ethical issues around technology and its role in society and business is not enough covered? Do you lack tools to discuss, reflect on and manage technology development in a sustainable manner?

And remember, I’m not predicting what will come, i’m observing, reflecting and providing tools for understanding…


Said about Nicklas

“Nicklas is the ‘Malcolm Gladwell’ of technology!”
— Peter M Fannon, SVP Panasonic North America
“With an engaging, relaxed presentation style, supported by bold pictures and video clips, Nicklas did a first-rate job of setting the context of accelerating technology change.”
— Tim Bishop, VP Global Corporate Communications, Unify
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