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As a writer, I’m very interested in practical and useful perspectives on the merger of technology, society and business. With the conviction that technology is probably the strongest driver of change today, it’s obvious that anyone in a management position, or aspirations to eventually be in that position, must understand how technology is changing business and society from the ground up. 

My latest (and ongoing) writing project revolves around artificial intelligence and the goal is to create a highly visual playbook (or two) on the real effects that AI will have for business and society, i e to see the impact beyond the hype.


Navigating the Techstorm - The Business Impact of Technology Beyond the Hype (2018)


In the updated and expanded second edition of Surviving the Techstorm, Nicklas Bergman introduces new tools to understand the rapidly changing technology landscape. The book starts with the big picture and global megatrends and continues with a current perspective of major technological waves. Then Nicklas is focusing the majority of the book on a framework to analyze the most relevant technologies and identifying the right timing, assessing the business implications from competition, customer and company perspectives, and finally adapting to a new and uncertain reality.

Not only is it important to understand what is happening in the world of technology and innovation, you also need to have a clear understanding of how this will change the way you lead and organize for innovation and sustainability. For all existing och aspiring leaders, understanding these perspectives are absolutely necessary in the coming years and decades.

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“Few people understand the impact of new technology like Nicklas Bergman. In his “Navigating the Techstorm” Nicklas inspires us to understand the potential impact of technology on business and society - and to take responsibility for making sure that technology improves the state of the world”
— Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of Siemens and A.P. Moller Maersk and member of the board of Trustees of World Economic Forum

250 Insights - To Develop Your Professional and Personal Life (2018)

This book shares 250 valuable insights and key learnings from leading LID authors and contributors from around the world. Among the many topics covered are entrepreneurship, management, innovation and leadership.

These have all been carefully selected to lead the reader on a journey to achieve professional and personal success. Read one insight a day as a daily source of inspiration, or read them all in one sitting to open your mind to new solutions, thoughts and ideas.


Surviving the Techstorm - Strategy in Times of Technological Uncertainty (2016)

This groundbreaking and highly visual book presents a framework for understanding these times of enormous technological uncertainties. The author, an entrepreneur turned technology investor turned futurist, argues that by combining curiosity and understanding, we can gain insight into and take advantage of the opportunities that will come from emerging technologies.

This book offers a new perspective on the next technological paradigm, a clear view of the megatrends that are shaping our future and a complete toolbox on how to handle the upcoming technological revolution from a strategic perspective. With a step-by-step approach to the analysis of emerging technologies, assessing their business implications and adapting to a new, uncertain environment. In addition, there are unique insights into the works of leaders from the Swedish tabloid Expressen, furniture giant IKEA, music unicorn Spotify and computational powerhouse Wolfram Research.


Nordic Ways - The Nordic Model in a Global Perspective (2016)

The Nordic countries have been consistently successful and are leaders on a range of global issues. This book explores some of the underlying factors and looks closely at what makes the Nordics successful, but also at the challenges that remain. The notion of Nordic coolness, efficiency and resilience has swept through the U.S. in the arts and design world and in political debates; it has become a staple in discussions about societal, environmental and gender issues. International statistics show Nordic countries occupying top spots when it comes to quality of life, beautiful and livable cities, close to zero corruption.

The historic ties between the Nordic countries and the United States are important underpinnings to their achievements. But then: There is no country big enough to face the global challenges alone, and there are no countries too small not to be able to make a difference. In a totally interconnected world inspiration can and should come from everywhere and anywhere.

“Technological uncertainty is a defining feature of the modern world. Nicklas Bergman draws together an impressive range of insights about where we are coming from and where we are going. This is an astute book which asks the big questions about what we must do to shape and benefit from the next wave of technologies.”
— Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Science and Innovation
“Dig deeply into this book and you will be well-rewarded by Nicklas Bergman’s insights into emergent technologies likely to have the greatest impact. On a publication landscape littered with cliched recommendations, Bergman offers a thoughtful, singular vision, and practical recommendations, for corporate and government leaders seeking to thrive in an era complicated by rapid technological change and to shape a profitable, sustainable future.”
— Amy Zalman, (former) CEO and President of the World Future Society
“We live in an age of hyperbole where "everything is about to change everything”, especially in the tech sector. Enter Nicklas Bergman, an extremely curious Swedish genius. Surviving the Techstorm is an elegant synthesis of the current mega trends and a straight-talking manual to help you cut through the blah-blah and create something useful, even impactful, in this exciting age of technological marvels.”
— Magnus Lindkvist, Futurist and Author of ”The Attack of the Unexpected” and ”When the Future Begins